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Why must I spoil the mood with mundane words
you'll pay the cost with a broken dream
I did a friends cut. Sorry if I removed you it's either because I… 
23rd-Feb-2008 11:30 am
carla christina 3
I did a friends cut. Sorry if I removed you it's either because I don't read your journal, we don't comment much on each other's journal, you haven't posted in a way long time or, and this is the worst confession, I can't remember why we added each other?

If you'd like to come back, please just comment here.

Also, my journal will be friends only now so you have to have a livejournal and be my friend to read the entries. I have some work/life/etc sensitive stuff on here and the internet is a crazy place so please feel free to join livejournal if you'd like to keep reading.

Hope you guys have a great weekend
1st-Nov-2008 12:29 pm (UTC) - Re: sorry
Hi Ladiorange,
I am very sorry that I did not get back to you before about the meet up that you were going to have. I was so busy chasing different movies through the the 16 days of the London Film Festival that I did not have time to contact anyone. However, the Festival is over now and I would like to attend any other meet-ups that you may have in future. If you let me know the next time that would be great. Once again, very sorry about last time. Hope to hear from you soon. Just recieved a couple of the Japanese Laura re-issues lately. They look and sound wonderful. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope that you are feeling better now. Crystalsticks.
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