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Why must I spoil the mood with mundane words
you'll pay the cost with a broken dream
I did a friends cut. Sorry if I removed you it's either because I… 
23rd-Feb-2008 11:30 am
carla christina 3
I did a friends cut. Sorry if I removed you it's either because I don't read your journal, we don't comment much on each other's journal, you haven't posted in a way long time or, and this is the worst confession, I can't remember why we added each other?

If you'd like to come back, please just comment here.

Also, my journal will be friends only now so you have to have a livejournal and be my friend to read the entries. I have some work/life/etc sensitive stuff on here and the internet is a crazy place so please feel free to join livejournal if you'd like to keep reading.

Hope you guys have a great weekend
30th-Apr-2008 07:23 am (UTC) - Happy Birthday
Have a happy birthday ladiorange. :)

2nd-Oct-2008 01:28 pm (UTC) - lj london meetup
HI Steve, sorry i didn't ask you first but I hope you can make the next LJ London meet up on Sunday Oct 26th


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